Legend Of Zelda, The – Oracle Of Seasons

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Action , Adventure
Region US , EU
Publisher Nintendo
Released May 14, 2001

Legend Of Zelda, The – Oracle Of Seasons is a version of the Legend Of Zelda series of action-adventure games developed by Flagship and launched in 2001. Thanks to the lessons learned experimental draws from its predecessors, this version seems to be complete. Combined with that, a lot of new unique features have been added, promising to bring players a lot of interesting experiences. Entering the game, you will be set to the fictional land of Holodrum – where the battle is taking place. Controlling the Link character, the player will be allowed to choose one faction to join the fight. Unlike other versions of the same genre, players will fight in a top-down perspective instead of the first or third view. Initially, the Link will be equipped with a sword. After upgrading your character, you can use some special powers to attack enemies instead of just words. Using some items such as bombs, mines, … will help players not have to spend much effort but can still quickly destroy a large number of opponents.

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