NBA Jam 2001

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Sport
Region US
Publisher Acclaim
Released December 2000

NBA Jam 2001 is a basketball simulation video game, brought to fans by MidWay in 1993. The game is the eighth version of the NBA Jam game series and is a sequel to the game NBA Jam 2000. The 2001 version of NBA Jam was added to 29 NBA teams by the publisher. In addition, the arena with more than 300 basketball stars was also modified by the developer to match the reality at the time of launch. In this version, the developer pays great attention to the reality of the game. All moves (including more than 800 actions) and dribbles are extremely similar to reality. Similar to the previous game, NBA Jam 2001 incorporates two basketball styles. The first playing style is the traditional playing style of basketball in professional matches. The second category is the NBA Jam series of basketball games only, where the player screen will be one-on-one with another player. With realistic 3D graphics and impressive sound, the NBA Jam series in general and the NBA Jam game, in particular, are among the top choices for basketball fans.

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