Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

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    US, EU
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    December 4, 2000

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge is a video genre puzzle game brought to fans by Nintendo in 2000. The game was inspired by the legendary Pokemon movie, so all the characters in the gameplay are Pokemon. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge has three main game modes: single-player mode, two players, and practice mode. Come to Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, the player will first choose his character. It could be one of the 5 Pokemon: Pikachu, Pichu, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita. The game has a lot of other Pokemon to choose from, but the player must overcome certain levels to unlock them. The main objective of the game is simply to try not to let the blocks touch the top of the playing field. In addition to the three main game modes, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge also has additional modes such as Puzzle, or LineClear. All are extremely attractive and attractive. In addition, the game also owns a lot of good background music, collected by the developer from the original movie.