Pokemon White Crystal

Pokemon White Crystal
Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Inicio
Genre Other
Region WW
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Released Unknown
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Pokemon White Crystal (Pokemon Crystal Hack) is a The re-released version of the original Pokemon Crystal game is also the product of a hacker ROM called Maniac379. The game also took years of Maniac379 to plan and implement, then just to share it for free, which also tells us some of his passion for Pokemon. Surely you will not be disappointed by what you experience when playing this game.


– All Wild Pokemon and Trainer levels have been rebalanced
– All Gym Leaders / E4 / Rival battles updated
– All 251 Pokemon have Improved / More Interesting Level-Up Moves
– The last 4 moves a Pokemon learn, the one’s trainers / wild would have, produce a competitive move set
– Evolving no longer changes the rate of move learning
– Running Shoes by pressing B
– Berry / Medicine Pocket
– Physical / Special Split
– Pokemon sprites overhauled courtesy of Chamber_ and others
– Celebi acquirable via Elm’s Aide Rewards giving GS Ball
– Mewtwo obtainable via Cerulean Cave
– New scripts to alert of certain changes
– Elm’s Aide provides rewards every so many caught Pokemon
– Changed moves to help adjust for the physical / special split
– Replaced the majority of hidden items with Fossil’s (Reviving feature TBD )
– Shiny Pokemon odds changed to 1/254 based on if all DV’s are at least 12
– Trade / Happiness evolutions changed to level-up / stone evolutions
– Wild Pokemon encounter chance minimum of 5% for a specific Pokemon
– Only Pokemon that flee will be the 3 Dogs
– Game Corner Prizes Updated
– In-Game Trades Updated
– Certain TMs Updated
– Extra berries from trees
– TMs are Reusable
– Heal from Poison at 1 HP in Overworld
– Gain experience for catching pokemon like in Gen VI
– Days of the Week Siblings are always visible and interactive regardless of the day
– Increased Capture Rates
– Azalea Town sells Heavy / Level / Lure / Fast / Friend / Moon Balls @ $ 400 ea
– Nest / Net / Quick / Dusk / Timer / Repeat Balls Added to Azalea Store and Crafted by Kurt’s Granddaughter
– Mahogony Mart sells Evolution Stones
– Burn / Poison / Paralyze correctly improve the catch rate
– Kurt Pokeballs work as intended
– Base Stats Updated to Gen VII
– Moves Updated to Gen VII
– Player badge boost has been removed
– Stat Boosting Held Items Increase Damage by 20%

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