Road Rash

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Racing
Region US
Publisher Electronic Arts
ReleasedNovember 29, 2000

Road Rash is a racing game released by the manufacturer Pixel Dash Studios. The game will bring you a special race when you will not only race but also have to participate in extremely dangerous fighting clashes. Therefore, Road Rash will be very suitable for those who like violent action. You will control the motor at high speed and at the same time, will use a steel bar to attack, even take down your opponent and maybe yourself. After each death, the experience you received earlier will be used to upgrade equipment, vehicles, and weapons. You and your friend’s task is to chase down the assassin who assassinated a leader for huge amounts of money. And you will have to fight even those who have the same purpose as you. With a diverse arsenal of vehicles and many special skills, it will bring an extremely attractive game.

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