Shrek – Fairy Tale Freakdown

ConsoleGame Boy Color
Genre Action , Fighting
Region US , EU
Publisher TDK Mediactive
ReleasedMay 29, 2001

Shrek – Fairy Tale Freakdown is an adventure role-playing genre video game, brought by the publisher Take-Two Licensing to fans in 2001. The game was inspired by the movie of the same name Shrek, Coming With Shrek – Fairy Tale Freakdown, players will have to fight with other martial arts stars to overcome challenges. There are three ways to win against an opponent, namely punching, kicking, throwing charms, … on enemies. During the adventure, the player must pay attention to collect the marks of the opponent. If the seal of the last boss is collected, the victory is won. Shrek – Fairy Tale Freakdown owns three modes to play, including practice mode, arena, and single-player mode. Each level has 3 difficulty levels. Initially, the player will choose one of six characters allowed by the game, then complete the game screen to unlock all the remaining characters.

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