Survival Kids

Console Game Boy Color
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region US
Publisher Konami
Released June 17, 1999

Survival Kids is a survival role-playing game that Konami produced and released to players in 1999. The context of the game will revolve around the life of the character that you will role-play on a deserted island. With open play, you will have to live, survive, and develop based on your ability. You will need to monitor your health indicators such as fatigue, hunger, and thirst in addition to your normal health points, so everyday tasks like eating, sleeping, sleeping, or foraging will also be important. You will need to search for items found on a deserted island, combine them to create new items that will help your survival. You will experience a real-life on a deserted island, need to calculate carefully to survive because, for example, meat can also be damaged if left for long, so you need to cook and combine with herbs for preservation. Survival Kids will bring you an authentic and extremely attractive life.

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