Mega Man III

ConsoleGame Boy (GB)
Genre Action , Platformer
Region US , EU
Publisher Capcom
Released11th Dec 1992 (USA)
11th Jun 1993 (UK/EU)
11th Dec 1992 (JPN)

Dr. Willy has returned and embarked on his plot again, this time his plan to use an offshore oil platform and suck energy from the Earth’s core to power the new robots of him. As the hero Megaman, you will have to fight through many different levels and destroy the henchmen of the doctor. Your main weapon is Mega Buster, which allows you to fire unlimited bullets. Besides, you can charge and then fire a big blast. There are four stages that you need to overcome, at the end of each stage there will be bosses that appear if you defeat them you will be able to use their weapons.

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