Console GameCube
Genre Adventure
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher THQ
Released 6th Jun 2006 (USA)
17th Sep 2006 (UK/EU)
6th Jul 2006 (JPN)

As a series of hit games modeled on a series of previously released animated films, “Cars” is also one of those excellent games. Known as a cartoon of cars in the journey to build their image “Cars” takes players to the unending race of a series of cars around the world. It is not only racing cars that can stand bravely on the track but with “Cars” you can still be yourself in all possible vehicles. The game is built in the fictional town of Radoder Springs with over 19 road races, 8 mini-games, and 5 Piston Cup races. Players can transform into Lightning McQueen or 10 other game characters to be able to participate in competitions with other players.

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