Kirby Air Ride

Genre Other
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Nintendo
Released13th Oct 2003 (USA)
27th Feb 2004 (UK/EU)
11th Aug 2003 (JPN)

Along with the exciting adventure game sets of Gamecube are the unique racing game sets such as “Kirby Air Ride”. Coming to the “Kirby Air Ride” game, you will be accompanied by 3 other players to form a group of 4 people to compete with each other. Through the control of Warpstar racing cars, players will be able to control the colorful Kirby characters competing with other competitors in the race. Your task is to complete the goals set during the race and overcome other competitors to take the first place for themselves, shortening the race time will help you accumulate supreme records. You will unlock other courses when you accomplish the goals of the system.

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