Adventure Island

Adventure Island
Console NES
Publisher Hudson Soft
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 190
Downloads 69
Released NA: September 1988
EU: 1992
5/5 (1 vote)
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Adventure Island is a special action-adventure game released by Nintendo in 1988. The game revolves around the events of Master Higgins on a journey across the southern Pacific Ocean. With the mission of rescuing Princess Tina from the Evil Witch Doctor, he must go through many dangers and difficulties along the way. The mission succeeds when Master Higgins defeats the evil Evil Witch Doctor and frees Tina.

In the game, players will play the role of Master Higgins – a boy with the mission to save the princess. He will have to overcome four vast areas with 32 stages of the game. Master Higgins’ fitness is displayed by an HP bar on the screen. When entering the phase, he will meet the enemies and pitfalls are arranged. The Master Higgins’ physical strength will decrease whenever he is attacked or accidentally collided with an existing obstacle such as a fire. Initially, he was not armed. What he needs to do during that time is dodge and move flexibly, so he doesn’t fall into the traps on the road. Master Higgins will pick up an ax or a fireball to quickly attack enemies after a period of movement. He’ll come across a number of items on the way to regain physical health like fruits and bottles randomly appear. Master Higgins will lose a life if he collides with a trap on the road or is attacked by an enemy. However, he will accumulate a certain number of points when passing certain stages. Reaching certain milestones, players will receive new lives to continue the journey. In addition to regular enemies, players will encounter a stronger enemy at the end of each stage. Destroying it will help Master Higgins to gain many points.

Besides the traps and enemies, players will encounter some large rocks along the way. The Higgins Master will have to break it down using a weapon that hits it twice in a row. The stone contains a lot of mysterious items inside such as weapons, physical regeneration items, or sometimes items that endanger Master Higgins like eggplants – will cling to him a little and drain his stamina. The player must be very focused so as not to collect items that are harmful to his character.

After crossing three areas full of traps, Master Higgins is brought to the final area with the arrival of the Evil Witch Doctor. Here, he must use all the weapons collected earlier to attack the enemy. Evil Witch Doctor with possession changes his head into eight different shapes. Master Higgins will have to attack in the head to be able to reduce the vitality of the enemy. Once he defeats all eight forms of the Evil Witch Doctor, he pushes the enemy into a pit. Eliminating the Evil Witch Doctor will help him rescue the princess, the mission is completed.

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