Batman: Return of the Joker

Console NES
Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher SunSoft
Released JP: December 20, 1991
NA: December 20, 1991
EU: November 19, 1992

Based on a famous comic book related to Batman superhero, Sunsoft’s manufacturer released a fascinating adventure game, Batman: Return of the Joker. Some rare metals have recently disappeared unexplained in the mineral mines of Gotham City. In particular, one of the missing metals is often used to make bombs or rocket missiles to serve World War. After discovering that precious and dangerous mineral source disappeared. Gotham City police forces tried to investigate the case, but all of the clues were unclear. From there, they decided to seek the help of the famous hero and representative of the city – Batman. Upon accepting the case, Batman suspected a former enemy of himself as the cause of these secret events – Joker.

To prevent the disaster that Joker can cause to the city and the people, Batman had to find the secret base of the enemy to fight him. However, the enemy’s base is closely guarded by dangerous criminals. Therefore, Batman must overcome these enemies with his state-of-the-art equipment with your ingenious control.

Batman: Return of the Joker has a single-player game mode, you will explore the game in stages. Each stage will take you to a different area of ​​Gotham City to destroy the Joker’s minions. Besides the task of destroying enemies, you also have to move smartly to overcome gaps and dangerous traps on the road. Careless movement and observation will cause you to be killed. In order to upgrade weapons and be able to destroy many enemies at the same time, you need to collect support items. These items will be dropped from enemies after you destroy them or hidden inside objects (wooden crates …) that are randomly on the way. You can destroy many different objects to collect items.

Besides, each stage also brings a confrontation with bosses for you to participate. Each tycoon will have its own fighting skills and a vitality bar. Therefore, you must have smart strategies to deal more damage to lower the vitality of each boss. To meet Joker and defeat him at the final stage of the game, you need to defeat all the bosses in each previous stage.

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