Console NES
Publisher SNK
Genre Action , Adventure , Role-Playing
Region US
Views 172
Downloads 8
Released JP: April 13, 1986
NA: July 1990
5/5 (1 vote)
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With a post-apocalyptic background and opening a new era for human history, Crystalis will take an adventure and fight against the evil of a Young mage. In 1997, a new world war broke out and the participating nations activated the nuclear weapons systems they owned. Since then, the modern civilization of mankind has been destroyed. The survivors of the war returned to live in the Middle Ages after the use of machines or electronic devices stopped working. In addition, some residents after the Great War were contaminated with radiation and became mutants. Facing this harsh life, the survivors decided to research and build magic systems to help support and restore the human environment. In addition, they built a tower in the sky to prevent wars and disasters that threaten the survival of mankind. In particular, who can control this tower will control the world because it possesses a powerful weapon system. However, a person claiming to be Draygon built the Draygonia Empire with a mighty army. He combined magical powers with forbidden scientific studies to control humanity and seek to seize the tower in the sky.

To prevent this evil plot, a young magician has been chosen to perform the dangerous task. The protagonist of the game will begin this dangerous journey with the help of 4 sages to defeat the Draygonia Empire. Besides, he also has the help of a companion, Mesia – another survivor of the great war. The task of destroying Draygon and his army will not be simple. You need to search for magic swords to complete the game. Each magic sword city will possess a unique power element for you to use and defeat the enemies, there are all 5 swords to collect. In particular, four swords have the power corresponding to 4 natural elements: wind, thunder, water and fire. After collecting all 4 swords, you must combine them with the 5th sword (Crystalis) to defeat Draygon before he can control the tower in the sky. Note, you can only collect Crystalis after passing the last dungeon of the game.

With the role-playing element, you will be moved to many different areas to fight and search for magic swords. To destroy monsters, you use your sword to attack and a shield to defend. Destroying monsters helps you gain experience points and collect items. From there, characters will be upgraded attack skills and life. In addition, you can also equip armor to enhance defenses.

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