Destiny of an Emperor

Destiny of an Emperor
Console NES
Publisher Capcom
Genre Role-Playing , Strategy
Region JP , US
Views 64
Downloads 1
Released JP: May 19, 1989
NA: September 1990
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The destiny of an Emperor is a role-playing game and strategy, it was released by Capcom on Nintendo in 1989. Set in the Three Kingdoms period, the game describes the Chinese unification process of the great figure: Liu Bei. In the first short video of the game, we will see Liu Bei, Quan Yu, and Zhang Fei swore a legendary oath under a peach tree. They lived together in a village oppressed by a force called the Yellow Scarves led by Zhang Jiao. To protect their homeland, they unite and strive to build an army by gathering peasants from neighboring villages. After defeating Zhang Jiao and liberating his homeland, Liu Bei assumed the position of governor of Xu province transferred by Tao Qian. From there, the journey of great men began.

The game starts with the three men mentioned above. They are your first generals. Each general has a certain number of troops. At the most basic level, these armies are your only strength. You lose force when your hero is attacked. If you take a rest, your lost troop will be restored. You can earn more troops by leveling up your martial arts generals. In addition, the damage you cause depends in part on the number of troops you have.

Although you start with three generals, you can recruit more allies. With 150 characters available in the game, you can freely recruit yourself for more generals. In addition to looking for friendly generals, you can also capture enemy champions and persuade them to join your journey! Sometimes, you’ll have to pay some money to recruit them. Your squad may have up to seven champions. Five generals will join the battle, a reserve general, and a champion will be a strategist. However, all the heroes you have recruited are stored in the inventory, with up to 70 generals that can be recruited, you can switch to use generals whenever you go to towns with reserves. Combining the right generals will create high efficiency in battle.

Battles can be automatically fought or fought at the player’s instructions. At first, you will only automatically fight after you reach a few levels, but the following battles will soon force you to think a bit. Especially when you fight tough enemies

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