Console NES
Publisher Hudson Soft , Nintendo
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 109
Downloads 3
Released JP: November 16, 1987
NA: August, 1989
EU: December 28, 1990
5/5 (1 vote)
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Faxanadu is an immersive action game released by Hudson Soft in 1987. The main content of the game revolves around the journey to find a way back to the countryside. The scent of the main character. After a long period of wandering, he stops near Eolis, his town. This place has been badly destroyed and almost no life appears. Upon further investigation, he discovered the town being attacked by Dwarves and goblins under the direction of The Evil One. The Evil One emerges from a meteorite and turns Dwarves into monsters. He wants to take the magic sword from the Dwarves to plotting to take over the entire Eolis area. However, King Greet knew the plot and swallowed the sword inside. Players will control their character in search of the King of Dwarves and take the magic sword to destroy The Evil One.

In the game, players will control their protagonist on the journey to find the land of Eolis. He has to go through many terrains with many dangerous obstacles. There are four stages he must go through to reach the mountain stronghold of the Dwarves. Bonuses will appear at random locations on the map. Players will collect it to buy some protective items such as armour, weapons to destroy enemies. Upon entering the town, the character will communicate with a number of merchants to gather more information.

While moving to new areas, enemies will appear to stop and attack the player. They need to destroy them to protect their lives. When starting the game, players will be given a certain number of lives. For the character to be able to complete his mission, he will have to destroy all enemies. When they are destroyed, players can collect some items such as gold, food and weapons. In addition, he will accumulate a number of experience points to level up. Level up will help him improve his physical strength and move faster. However, the enemy will attack him and his health will decrease. If the number of lives is exhausted, the player will have to replay from the previous save.

After the player goes through four stages, the main character will reach the Dwarves stronghold. Here, he will receive the magic sword from King Greet. He will use the sword with great power to fight The Evil One in the final battle. The town of Eolis will return to peace when The Evil One is destroyed.

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