Legendary Wings

Legendary Wings
Console NES
Publisher Capcom
Genre Platformer
Region US
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Released July 1988
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Legendary Wings is a dramatic action game released by Capcom in 1988. The game is set in the distant future of the earth when the background of Human civilization has been developed to a new level. However, Dark, an alien monster has invaded the Earth and wants to destroy all humanity. Facing that situation, Ares, the God of War gave Wings and Courage a special power to protect humanity from the destruction of Dark.

At the beginning of the game, the player will be able to choose one of two characters, Wings and Courage, to begin their journey. Each character possesses a unique weapon and power. With Wings, she is armed with a gun that can fire two bullets at a time to kill enemies. Wings must go through five stages to search for Dark’s hiding place. Before entering the first stage, she had to fight with many planes that appeared outside the base. When destroying all of them, Wings will see a hole leading her into Dark’s base. In the first stage, he will fight with many enemies such as a snake, a bee and a monster. A snake will prevent Wings from penetrating deep into the base. She must destroy it to enter the base and go to the next stage. Once inside the base, bees continuously attacked her. Wings will move up or down to dodge and attack all the bees. A monster with the ability to split the body into pieces that appear in the end of the first phase will be a great challenge for Wings. When she attacked the monster, it would instantly produce four monsters of the same shape but smaller dimensions.

Successfully destroying monsters at the first stage will bring Wings to the next stage. Here she will fight enemies that are harder to destroy and automatic catapults. The same four monsters form a team that constantly attacks the Wings. They were destroyed by four consecutive rounds from her. A special weapon is collected when she attacks enemies during this period. A gun with great power and an unlimited number of bullets will help Wings quickly destroy all enemies.

Dark, the last enemy of Wings appears in the fifth stage of the game. Dark moves very fast and uses a weapon with a wide range of attacks. She had to move very flexibly to avoid consecutive rounds and take advantage of the enemy’s loopholes to destroy it. The game ends when Dark is destroyed.

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