Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6
Console NES
Publisher Capcom , Nintendo
Genre Action , Platformer
Region US
Views 374
Downloads 89
Released JP: November 5, 1993
NA: March 1994
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After 5 times defeating and stopping the evil plans of Dr. Willy, everyone decided to form the Global Robot Alliance. Once established, the Alliance organized a fascinating contest to find the strongest robot and gave that person the task of protecting the world. This event is called the annual Robot Tournament. In addition, this tournament is financially supported by Mr.X – a mysterious man and owner of Fund X. In search of the strongest warrior, this tournament has the participation of many strong and famous robots around the world.

Instead of letting Mega Man join the unique tournament, Dr. Light asked Mega Man to supervise and protect the tournament. However, an incident occurred before the tournament began. Mr.X claims that he has revised eight of the tournament’s strongest contestants to dominate the world. In addition, he informed Megaman that he was the one behind and controlled Tien Willy. To protect the world once again, Mega Man continued to fight against the evil forces.

The challenges of Mega Man 6 are somewhat similar to the previous versions. You need to pass 8 Robot Master to be able to approach and defeat Mr.X. In addition, each Robot Master has a different weapon system and fighting style. To defeat the Robot Master, you need to constantly attack their weaknesses. Blizzard Man, Yamato Man, Wind Man, Tomahawk Man, Plant Man, Knight Man, Flame Man, and Centaur Man are the 8 bosses you need to defeat. After defeating the bosses with the help of the dog Rush, you will gain access to the fortress of Mr.X. Here, you have defeated Mr. X and discovered new information. Mr.X and Dr. Willy are exactly a person. The annual Robot Tournament and Mr. X are the covers for Dr. Willy to steal powerful robots in order to rule the world. After being discovered, Dr. Willy fled to another fortress. At the new fortress, Mega Man defeated the mad scientist above and captured him.

In this version, the Rush dog has been redesigned with a new feature. Instead of becoming a means of support for Megaman to use and overcome difficulties to reach areas. Rush will combine directly with Mega Man and create unique support costumes. There are 2 new types of combinations to explore: Jet Mega Man and Power Mega Man. Besides, you can also collect 4 different parts of the Beat helper Bird to summon Beat and attack the enemy.

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