The Addams Family

The Addams Family
Console NES
Publisher Ocean Software
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 160
Downloads 10
Released 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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The Addams Family is about a very wealthy family, and members are living together happily. One day, the Addams family’s solicitor, Tully Alford, used some magic to control the mansion. The strange or mysterious objects in this mansion began to appear, they helped Tully Alford to detain members of the Addams family, Pugsley Addams, Granny, Morticia Addams, Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams. However, Tully Alford could not arrest Gomez Addams because he had escaped before the incident. You control the Gomez Addams and uncover all the secrets in the mansion to battle the mysterious forces and collect items. Initially, your character will appear outside the mansion. Players will not be able to enter the mansion right now, they will have to look for the garden’s objects behind the mansion. Here, there will be many monsters and traps waiting for you. You will have to avoid traps or monsters to conserve your HP. There is no way to break the traps, monsters can be killed by controlling the character to jump on their heads. The gameplay of this game is quite similar to Super Mario and the player will quickly get used to the game.

After finding the items that appear in the garden, you will return and enter the mansion. Each room of the mansion corresponds to a difficulty level, monsters and traps will appear continuously to destroy you. At the end of the difficulty level, you can find members of the Addams family. However, there will be a boss to prevent you from rescuing members of the family. Use agile reflexes and items that you have collected to defeat bosses quickly. In some special levels, you can take extra levels to earn extra money and restore HP. The extra levels are designed like a mini-game, players will be relieved quickly here.

In the last room, you will have to rescue the remaining members of the family and defeat Tully Alford. However, around Tully Alford, there are many monsters and traps. Players may need to play again and again to cross the last room. After saving the remaining members of the family, the game will end and the player can play any previous level. The game has no save mode, each level will give the player a password. They can use the password to enter the corresponding difficulty level and continue the journey.

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