Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Racing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 902
Downloads 421
Released 1998
5/5 (6 votes)
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F-ZERO X is a name that is famous for the racing genre. This version was produced for Nintendo 64 devices by the EAD division. This game is a successor to the 1990 F-Zero, published by Nintendo. F-Zero X is also the first version of the F-Zero series to own 3D graphics, opening for later games.

As a racing game, F-Zero X doesn’t have a specific story. But in general, the game is mostly about races. This version is no different from its predecessors. The gameplay will still be largely preserved. The races of the game are commented to take place at a fairly fast pace. However, the game is not laggy, but instead, very smooth with up to 60 FPS.

The game integrates a lot of different types of transportation with the number in this version being expanded up to 30. The popular classes are hunters, aliens, dinosaurs, androids, zombies, and so on. In fact, four of all 30 vehicles were preserved from the old version. Each of these vehicles has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t like the arrangement, then you can customize your racing vehicle to your liking. In terms of the track, there are quite a few terrains that have been selected by the developer. This includes hills, tunnels, detours, pipes, or even spirals. By using the stick button along with the trigger button, players can create spectacular drift without even reducing the momentum.
The player’s screen will display two meters. While one will be used to display physical stats, the other is used to indicate stats of boosting state. Each time the stat is full, the players can speed up their means. The order of the race leaders will also be shown through the avatars on the left side of the screen.

The game has 5 modes of tournaments, more clearly, are Practice, Grand Prix Race, Time Attack, VS Battle, and Death Race. It seems that these modes are relatively familiar to many people. Grand Prix is ​​often about against the remaining 29 characters, Time Attack focuses on making records with the shortest time possible, VS Batlle is the mode of multiplayer in which the friends will have got to fight one another, while Death Match will be a survival battle with other riders. If you want to practice your technique before starting the actual race, Practice will be a suitable one as it is a free training mode.

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