Killer Instinct Gold

ConsoleNintendo 64
Genre Arcade , Fighting
Region US , EU
Publisher Nintendo

Killer Instinct’s top fighting game series is now back with the Killer Instinct Gold version. This is the successor, also is the second version, released after the original Killer Instinct game. It is not surprising that Rare, once again, is the author of this famous game. The game was released by Nintendo, for the Nintendo 64 platform. In fact, this version is an alternative name for Killer Instinct 2 in the Arcade. So, if you’ve ever played Killer Instinct 2, then Killer Instinct Gold is not much different, including the story. However, because the cartridge memory is quite limited, the graphics of the game have been lowered a bit to 2.5D. The background will be set in 3D, while the two characters will fight in 2D graphics.

The setting of the game is the continuation of Part 1. After Eyedol had been killed by the Black Orchid, his eternal rival, the Demon Lord Gargos escaped from Limbo, a place of wandering ghosts to prepare for the transition to the gates of hell. At the same time, these combatants were also released. The peaceful moments did not repeat much after Eyedol’s death when Black Orchid and his friends continued to stand up to fight.
The game features eleven characters, including Black Orchid, Fulgore, Glacius, Jago, Sabrewulf, Spinal, and TJ Combo; Gargos, Kim Wu, Maya, and Tusk will be replaced to Eyedol, Chief Thunder, Cinder, and Riptor. The end that each character receives will vary somewhat, depending on whether or not you choose to kill. Therefore, each character introduced above can have 2 – 4 separate endings.
The game revolves around 1 vs 1 solo matches. If the player plays alone, the opponent will be controlled by AI. The gameplay’s control mechanism can be likened to Street Fighter II with three punch buttons and three kick buttons. A combo may also be given if the player combines these attacks.

Arcade, Team, and Tournament are three modes that players can choose to start a game. In addition, if you want either to hone your skills or improve your abilities, the practice mode will be a good one. The knockout tournament mode will be similar to the real world. Players take turns knocking out opponents. Whoever wins will go on, and vice versa will be eliminated.

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