Knockout Kings 2000

ConsoleNintendo 64
Genre Sport , Fighting
Region US , EU
Publisher Electronic Arts

EA Sports seems to be too famous for launching top sports games. And this version is no exception when it focuses on boxing matches. The number of characters in the game is up to 25 people. Real-life characters like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard have all been brought in this version. In addition, players can also customize each character to their liking. The two modes, Career Mode and Training Mode, probably are the two main highlights of this version. After selecting a character of their choice, the player begins to participate in matches in the stands. For the first mode, players will have to start from scratch even if the character you choose to have is Muhammad Ali. There are three weight classes in the game: Lightweights, Middleweights and Heavyweights. If you are looking for a retro fighting game, do not ignore this name. A tip for you if you want to win easier is to create Super Punch. When you have the advantage, strikeout successive moves and moves until the glove on the corner of the screen glows. Move-in the direction you want the opponent to take that legendary punch and press the A and B buttons.

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