NHL Breakaway 98

ConsoleNintendo 64
Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher Acclaim Sports

NHL Breakaway 98 is a leading name in retro games exploring the concept of ice hockey. The game comes from the developer Sculptured Software and was brought to Nintendo 64 operating system by Acclaim Sports. Apart from this version, the NHL Breakaway series only has another version under the name NHL Breakaway 99, which was released one year later. The game has 3D graphics, with a top-down perspective.

Since it recreates ice hockey matches, its gameplay that is no different from real matches, as the ultimate goal is still to score more goals than the opponent team. NHL Breakaway 98 integrates up to five separate modes of Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Practice, and Shoot-out, respectively. The total number of teams you can choose from, to participate in a match, is 26, which corresponds to the 26 NHL teams that actually participated in the tournament that year.

After entering the game, a menu interface will appear. If the player wants to adjust the parameters of the match, such as the length of a match, the general difficulty, the difficulty of scoring, and so on, then change them in the Options section. After selecting the appropriate game mode, press the start button. The next step is to choose the two teams that will participate in the match. Each team will have different indicators, including defense, attack, ability to win the ball or pass the ball successfully, and overall. Of course, none of the teams will have perfect stats, but when one gets one, it loses another. This created a variety of ways of playing and also brought the challenging element, which is the motivation for players to experience all the teams, but not just a favorite name. Besides, each team owns players with different weights and speeds, which means that they will have their own advantages to stop the opponent. It can be seen that this game has a similar way to the famous FIFA name when each player will control his/her own team to pass the puck to the team members appropriately to make goals. The player holding the disc will have the name displayed at the bottom of the foot, and, when it is passed, the name will disappear. This is a strong point, helping players not to have limited visibility or focus on puck control easier.

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