Nuclear Strike 64

Console Nintendo 64
Genre Simulator , Other
Region US , EU
Publisher THQ
Released 1999

“Nuclear Strike 64” is a shooting game released for Nintendo 64. Nuclear Strike is actually its original version, and Nuclear Strike 64 is a port remake of Pacific Coast Power & Light for Nintendo 64 platform and published by THQ. “Strike” is the original series of this game. Throughout the game, players will participate in a single story mode with the single-player mode. In this game, the main antagonist, Colonel Beauford LeMonde, has betrayed and stole a massive nuclear weapon. He succeeded in escaping. So, you, as the pilot of the plane, must pursue and search for him before everything breaks down. This shooting game has a special angle of view from the top, allowing you to experience the driving of large aircraft simultaneously with combat. Integrated into the game is up to fifteen different fighters. In addition, players can also use surface combat weapons such as the Multiple Launch Rocket System, a PACV hovercraft, or M1 Abrams tank for example. On five different terrains, players must perform many separate tasks. It could be searching and rescuing or destroying, and such tasks as destroying buildings.

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