The Legend Of Zelda – Majora’s Mask

The Legend Of Zelda – Majora’s Mask
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 404
Downloads 0
Released 2000
3.4/5 (32 votes)

Following the success of its predecessor, Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda (LoZ) continued to release the next version, Majora’s Mask. Still retains the graphics in three-dimension. However, it still has its own characteristics. Dark themes are considered to be the highlight of the game, along with the style of the tribes. In addition, the fog effect has been removed, the character is elaborated in more detail along with the lighting effects, and the screen can display more characters, for example.

If the previous parts of the LoZ have the full participation of the protagonists, Link, Princess Zelda, and the villain Ganon, then this part focuses entirely on Link. Princess Zelda only appears when the game shows the flashback of the previous story. Ganon does not appear or play any role in the whole game. Thus, it is like a story parallel to the main circuit of the LoZ.

In this part, Link will set out to search for his friend Navi, after the consequences of the Ocarina of Time story, along with his horse Epona. However, on the way, the protagonist was stopped by a guy named Skull Kid. This guy wears a bizarre mask, often stealing travellers’ belongings, and that mask is also due to plundering. Continuing to carry out this conspiracy on Link, Skull Kid with the help of two fairies took Epona with Ocarina. Link must perform missions to retrieve Ocarina, and take away the mask of Skull Kid when he learns that it is the Majora’s Mask.

The gameplay in this version is quite special and new when revolving around the masks. There are wholly twenty-four different ones. There are ones that will only need to be found to complete missions, while others will play core roles in the journey, typically Deku, Goron, and Zora. When carrying them, Link will transform into different shapes to take advantage of, and inevitably, weaknesses to bring challenging elements. Therefore, players need to flexibly apply masks to easily clear the game.

Following the gameplay as its predecessor, Link along with a sword and a shield will explore dungeons as well as solve music puzzles. A new feature of a three-day cycle is the challenge that players must overcome. After the three days in the game (about 54 minutes), if you do not win yet, you will lose and need to restart. However, players can fully extend the period of three days by playing the Song of Time on the Ocarina of Time.

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