Tonic Trouble

ConsoleNintendo 64
Genre Action , Adventure , Platformer
Region US , EU
Publisher Ubisoft

Tonic Trouble is a product of Ubisoft, belonging to the platform genre associated with adventure. This story revolves around the protagonist Ed, an alien, and also the main character that the player will have to control throughout the journey. In one disastrous mistake, he accidentally dropped a container of toxic chemicals on an Earth’s river. This chemical has transformed the ecosystem of the land, making plants like vegetables become mutant monsters. To correct his mistake, Ed will have to transport an antidote container to Earth… On his journey, by the basic actions of a platform game of running and jumping, solve Puzzles also use a peashooter to attack the enemies. In addition, with assistive devices, Ed can fly, dive, imitate others, and cross lava or other traps. Two actions, kick and slap, can also be used to attack enemies as soon as he uses popcorn consumables to turn giants. This version has twelve levels, all linked together through teleportation gates.

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