WCW-nWo Revenge

WCW-nWo Revenge
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher THQ
Genre Sport
Region EU , US
Downloads 3
Released 1998
5/5 (1 vote)
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If you’ve ever heard of the name WWF No Mercy or experienced the hit game, then don’t miss the WCW / NWO Revenge. These two names can be said to have dominated the game market with the subject of pro wrestling. At that time, it was considered as the best-selling version of the wrestling games of Nintendo 64, and for such a third-party product, it was the version selling more than ever. WCW vs. nWo: World Tour is the predecessor release of this game. WCW / NWO Revenge comes from two developers Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI Corporation, published by THQ. This is also the version that marks the end of AKI in creating a WCW for Nintendo 64.

Wrestling scenes are what the game focuses on developing, and it sounds quite weird that a solo wrestling game owns a perfect storyline. For those reasons, a story is not included in this game.

The main gameplay of this game is no different from the actual wrestling scenes at all, which also includes the one vs. one matches on the rings. The main way to play is to use the character’s hands to wrestle the opponent through grappling, locking, pinning and holding, or pushing the opponent out of the ring. These combos can be created once the player does clamping moves. Winning each tournament, players will receive different titles. Typical of them are WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship. And, three other great titles are waiting for you to discover.

Compared to its predecessor, World Tour, the game has made significant new strides. In Championship Mode, players will have the opportunity to participate in winning the championship belts of former champions from earlier seasons. After the match, the final stages, which can be seen as highlights, will be played back. At the same time, a scoring mode will be played for players to observe on the screen. There are six arenas in all, including WCW Monday Nitro, WCW Starrcade, WCW Halloween Havoc, WCW Bash at the Beach, WCW Souled Out, WCW Super Brawl VIII. They are built based on famous arenas in real life. This is also the greatest feature that this version owns.
In addition, the game also integrates the ability to create custom costumes with different designs and colors. Masks or hats can all be replaced.

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