WCW Vs. NWo – World Tour

Console Nintendo 64
Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher THQ
Released 1997

WCW vs. nWo: World Tour is a hit game no less than the name WWF No Mercy. WCW explores the subject of professional wrestling. THQ’s risk-taking venture in this area seems to have paid off when it was one of the best-selling games of its time. On the Nintendo 64, the game ranked second, and it was not surprising that its next version, WCW / NWO REVENGE came in first. To bring the success of this game, I cannot help but mention the names of two prestigious developers, Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI Corporation.

The typical style of play of a wrestling game generally will revolve around the duels in the ring. And in it, the opponents will struggle with each other, locking each other with poses. The gameplay in this game will be similar. By pressing the buttons on the player’s handle, different techniques can be created. A button for the grapple, B button for attack. Both of these buttons, when pressed quickly, will produce a slight force, and conversely, when held long will produce relatively strong forces. Besides, players can press the R button to lock the opponent when the opportunity. And if the opponent makes a move to grapple you, quickly press the L button to dodge. In addition, in matches like this, a spirit of steel is also a deciding factor. A Spirit Meter will display on the screen. It increases or decreases depending on your attraction to the audience, and the beautiful movements you make. When the index reaches the top, the clock will display the words “Special”. A special attack with devastating damage can be created at that time if you make a long grapple with an opponent and use the Control Stick.

In-game integration is five different modes, including WCW VS. NWO, Exhibition Match, League Challenge, League, and Tournament. In addition, the multiplayer mode is also supported in some of the above modes. Particularly Exhibition Match mode is divided into four small modes, including Single, Tag (2 vs. 2), Handicap (1 vs. 2), Battle Royale (four people fight each other). In League Challenge mode there will be hidden characters, which appear only when the player defeats the names on the “promotion” list consecutively.

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