Pokémon Heart Red

Console Nintendo DS
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Nintendo
Released Unknown

Pokémon Heart Red (Pokemon Heart Gold Hack) is a mod version based on the original Pokemon Heart Gold game and was created by a ROM hacker nicknamed “TriggerHappy187”. With the aim of replicating the familiar Pokémon Red game, thanks to the graphical progress of the DS system, it has brought perfection to the game that looks outdated.


– Updated type chart (Fairy type)
– 493 Pokemon
– Pokemon follow you
– Classic GameBoy game in DS style graphics, with touchscreen
– Day & Night Cycle
– ORAS mini-icons
– 4 Gym Badges
– 4 Rival Battles
– 4 In-Game trades
– Correct Trainer battles
– Day Care (with breeding)
– Many (some WIP) scripted events (Mt Moon, Bill’s House, SS Anne, etc…)
– Running Shoes & Bike are obtainable.



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