Pokemon Origin Platinum

ConsoleNintendo DS
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Nintendo

Pokemon Origin Platinum (Pokemon Platinum Hack) is a remake of the original Pokemon Platinum game. A ROM hacker nicknamed Lazerith with his creativity and a bit of an idea from the hacked version of another colleague Drayano created this unique version. The plot of the game remains the same as the original version and only changes the features that make the game more interesting.


– Ability to catch all 493 Pokemon without the use of any outside source, while still being able to trade and battle with friends. Every non-legendary Pokemon can be caught before the elite four, and most added legendary Pokemon are located in post-game areas.
– Regigigas no longer requires having the Regis pokemon to catch but has been changed to a fateful encounter so that it may allow the player to catch the other Regis Pokemon.
– Giratina now has Griseous orb held when you catch him. I know many people do not like the way he looks without it. I am one of those people.
– Items such as Metal Coat, which originally were given as a held item to allow a Pokemon to evolve by trading can now be used to evolve Pokemon in the same manner as the evolution stones.
– Pokemon that evolve by simply trading them now evolve at certain levels. Check the documents provided with the patch for more details.
– Wurmple now evolves into Silcoon / Cascoon based on its gender.
– Spiritomb no longer requires going underground and meeting 32 people to catch. Simply use the Odd Keystone where you normally would.
– And there is more.

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