Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Collection
Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Arcade
Region JP
Views 74
Downloads 10
Released 18th Jun 2009 (JPN)
5/5 (2 votes)
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Tissue game There are so many simulations of life that players can choose any product that is available on reliable download media. But almost all of them have a culture and image design very similar to the United States. Therefore, if there is a change worth mentioning, it is the Tomodachi series. Tomodachi Collection 2009 is an old version, one of the pioneers, so it will probably be the most Japanese. If you want to experiment more, the 2014 version also has interesting things that you will admire.

“Tomodachi Collection” does not appeal to players like other games of the same genre. It does not have a graphic design that follows the classic Anime style, nor is it a real 3D, but a 3D style similar to Stickman. The facial expressions are also simple but clearly show all the emotions of people in the game. As you get used to it, you will find it has a very personal, irresistible appeal.

A little society is placed in your hands and works with unpredictable events. When participating in “Tomodachi Collection,” everyone around life will influence your lifestyle. How to stabilize and balance everything before letting your life be led to an unwanted future. The characters in the game such as your friends, parents, teacher and anyone else ever dreamt of befriending are called Mii Characters. These people have been designed and approved worldwide and loved. “Tomodachi Collection” does not require too strict tasks; it is just trying to live a healthy and harmonious life. You will go to the park, meet friends, practice and go to work. The tasks in the game when completed will give you a considerable amount of currency to invest in the character.

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