Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Action
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Konami
Released 12th Dec 2006 (USA)
4th May 2007 (UK/EU)
2nd Dec 2006 (JPN)

Elebits is a game in the action-adventure genre. It has a plot revolving around the Elebits, the tiny creatures that carry their electrical power, and provide electricity for all devices. After a thunderstorm, they disappear and stop supplying electricity to the devices. A boy named Kai is the son of two Elebits research scientists who set out to find them. As they travel through the amusement park, Kai discovers an unknown Elebits that is constantly absorbing the energy and body of other Elebits. Kai fought with Zero Elebits and freed the other Elebits. But he later found out that it was only because Zero Elebits was too lonely and wanted to make friends with everyone. Kai then led Zero Elebits and the other Elebits home. The game offers two main game modes: single-player mode and a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players. Also, some other game modes are edit mode, story mode. With the story mode, you will follow the previously available stages. As for editing mode, you will be allowed to create a stage of their own in any given 29 stages. However, you need to complete this stage in story mode for the editing stage to take effect.

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