Grey’s Anatomy

ConsoleNintendo Wii
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region US
Publisher Ubisoft
Released10th Mar 2009 (USA)

Gray’s Anatomy is a unique surgeon game developed by Longtail Studios. The plot tells the outbreak of leukemia in the hospital, the relationship, and the career of four characters Cristina, Alex, Derek, and Meredith. In addition to these four main characters, there are also some new characters such as Agent Damon Birger of CDC (Center for Disease Control) or Nurse Vince Bennet. However, this version has only one player mode, with the gameplay system divided into three levels: challenge, selection, and surgery. In which, the first of two modes will be discovered through some small mini-games completed within a limited time, including decision making, digging deep, distracting, creating energy, finding strength strong, set priorities, seek attention, rhythm, solve Building, and seek comfort. By using these games, it is possible to control the psychological state of the characters, which are also related to their personal lives. To match the story, the game will include scenes and actions within five episodes. In every surgery, every time a trial or surgery is wrong (beyond the prescribed time) will lose one heart. Players only have five hearts per shift, and if lost, all must try again from the beginning.

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