Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher 505 Games
Genre Fighting
Region EU , JP , US
Downloads 3
Released 15th Oct 2007 (USA)
29th Feb 2008 (UK/EU)
26th Jul 2007 (JPN)
4/5 (1 vote)
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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core is a 2D-based fighting game developed by Arc System Works in 2006. With many new features and integrated technologies, this version will bring you an exciting experience. The gameplay remains the same as in its predecessor when the player will have to fight with rivals to be able to win each match. The movement speed of characters has been significantly increased (up 25%) compared to the previous version. The “Slashback” feature has been added so that the role can parachute (when attacked from above), simplify the block stun, increase the chances of hitting the opponent’s position, … New offensive techniques such as sliding on the floor (avoiding attacks from a high place), both moving and attacking, etc. were also added. The voices of the characters are voiced extremely vividly, capturing all the heartfelt emotions of the characters. In terms of graphics, this version is not quite high, because the images are still quite preliminary design like simple cartoon games. The sound is relatively pleasing to the player when the music has been added to suit each situation in the game.

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