Jambo! Safari

ConsoleNintendo Wii
Genre Action , Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher SEGA
Released17th Nov 2009 (USA)
20th Nov 2009 (UK/EU)

You are an animal lover and are looking for games related to them, Jambo! Safari is the perfect choice for you. It is an adventure that Sega was first released in 1999 but with unique gameplay Jambo! Safari will bring a lot of exciting things for the players. Entering the game, you will choose the character to role-playing, do not forget to choose a Jeep for yourself! Your role will move and chase the animals you see and catch them with the lasso technique. Meaning you will use the guns (anesthetic), taper, … to find them, but do not hurt them. In Story mode, after completing the task, the player will receive a corresponding experience score. Experience points with enough characters will be promoted to a ranger. In addition to capturing animals in the forest, players can interact with them through feeding or even feeding and writing injuries if they are injured. In addition to Story mode, this version also gives you a lot of other methods such as cooperation, community, … please experience it one by one!

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