ConsoleNintendo Wii
Genre Puzzle
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Konami
Released20th Mar 2007 (USA)
23rd Feb 2007 (UK/EU)
2nd Dec 2006 (JPN)

Kororinpa is a puzzle intellectual game based on the Labyrinth pentatonic game with a number of new innovations. The game is designed in a 3D environment. Here you will control the direction of marble by rotating the table in all directions. Your task is to control the marble to eat the required amount of diamonds. When the marble is dropped from the table you will have to challenge the game from the beginning. Marbles come in many different forms and this difference is based on the area you play in. During the move, there will be notes to guide you on how to play. The game consists of 45 levels with 40 normal rounds and 5 bonus rounds. The level will have increasing difficulty. You need to pass the current task to open the next mission. During the game, collecting some blue crystals will help you unlock secret levels. Some titles like bronze, silver, gold will be awarded when you complete the time limit level. When you reach one of these three titles, you will have the opportunity to own yourself new balls, new music and open up 5 additional bonus levels. In addition to 45 main game modes, there is another mode in mirror mode. It is only unlocked when you complete all 45 levels above.

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