MySims Party

MySims Party
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Action
Region EU , JP , US
Views 54
Downloads 16
Released 10th Mar 2009 (USA)
13th Mar 2009 (UK/EU)
12th Mar 2009 (JPN)
5/5 (1 vote)
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MySims Party continues to be launched after the success of the previous versions. This game is still in the genre of life simulation and is set in a town. There are three game modes offered: dream festival mode, mini-game mode, ranking mode. Each mode will create a new town with the name of your choice. Before starting to play, you will choose for yourself a sim character. This character will have his own house. Your task is to participate in festivals and win. The population of the town is at an alarming number because of sparsity. Therefore, with victories, you will attract a new population into the town. In addition, winning small games will help you get new characters and costumes. When the population has reached the required, some new areas in the town will be unlocked. There are over 50 mini-games offered in the game so you can play as much as you want without boredom. The game modes are given as single-player and multi-player mode. Festive challenges usually require four players at a time. Here you will be choosing 1P vs. three machines, 2P vs. two machines, 3P vs. four machines, or four players. Depending on the amount set by the game, the player will choose the number of control characters.

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