Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Koei
Released 26th Mar 2008 (USA)
11th Sep 2008 (UK/EU)
1st Nov 2007 (JPN)

A giant meteorite suddenly landed on the Landroll Planet. Half the planet is lush vegetation, and the other half becomes dead land, no species of animals can live here. A few hundred years later, the Opoona family decided to go to the land of death to explore on vacation, but it was unexpected that Opoona had lost her family after coming here. You will incarnate Opoona and find your family. To return home, the player must collect enough pieces of paper suggesting the way back home. Collect these pieces of paper by completing various tasks. To cover life (pay for meals) and complete tasks, Opoona has to do many different things, each of which will be an interesting mini-game. It is as simple as destroying a tree by hitting the ball multiple times on it. The shot is also quite simple; players only need to calculate and align the trajectory of the ball to be successful. However, they can attack you, so be careful and move around to avoid them! It is possible to interact with other characters in the game to get their help.

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