Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher Konami
Released 17th Mar 2009 (USA)
31st Mar 2009 (UK/EU)

After the massive failure at Pro Evolution Soccer PES in 2008, Konami has been working hard to revive the release of PES 2009. Therefore, this version brings a breathtaking transformation in both gameplay. and graphics compared to its predecessor. In terms of graphics, the game has shown great strides in sharp, vivid, and in-depth image quality. Besides, the stadium models are also simulated, built incredibly realistic. However, the minus point for this version is that the 3D portraits of some players are still a bit rough, hard. The team vision system, along with tactics to help reverse the situation, are also added. The improvement of the artificial intelligence (AI) system also helps the game become more realistic, no longer the “circus” of the players anymore. The game is added with physical factors affecting the motion of the ball. This will make it difficult for the players when learning not only to position the ball in the right position but also to calculate the resistance of physical factors (wind, ..) to be able to score. Thanks to these new improvements, PES 2009 has become incredibly realistic close to the player.

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