Rygar: The Battle of Argus

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Action
Region US , JP
Publisher Tecmo
Released 3rd Feb 2009 (USA)
3rd Feb 2009 (JPN)

Rygar: The Battle of Argus was launched as an action-adventure game. It is set sometime after Rome destroyed the ancient Egyptian dynasty, and now the kingdom of Argus has been ruled by the royal family of Rome. The protagonist of the game is named Rygar, a warrior of Argus. He was an orphan from a young age and always wanted to become a mighty gladiator. His only existence is to bring victory to Princess Harmonia. However, one day, the princess was captured by the monsters. Suddenly, he is summoned by a strange god, and you give a legendary shield. In addition to its protective function, it was also used as a weapon for combat. Players begin to track the whereabouts of the princess in a complex, designed tunnel. During this move, players will encounter many different enemies. With each defeat of an enemy, a diamond will appear. In addition, some other items will also be collected when players destroy some items along the way. A map is also provided with the navigation to help players know where they are. Many different challenges will be given in the game corresponding to different regions.

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