Samurai Warriors 3

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Action , Fighting
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Koei
Released 27th Sep 2010 (USA)
28th May 2010 (UK/EU)
3rd Dec 2009 (JPN)

Following the successful steps of the previous version, a new version called Samurai Warriors 3 continues to be released to the expectations of the fans. The game is set in the Sengoku period in Japan. At this time, the lord will be the ruler of different areas. Beside them are always reliable, loyal, and active Samurai fighters. Some old features and events are still retained here. Also, the game adds some new features, such as spirit gauge. This feature allows players to cancel their old competition moves, instead of beautiful attacks and more considerable damage. There are six types of weapons that are easy to use for players, speed, power. Each gun will have a weak ability. Some modes offered in the game are historical mode, story, free, Dojo, Murasame castle … There are many locations provided for the battle. Matches will usually take place at different locations. Besides, the game also offers you single-player and multi-player modes. Samurai Warriors 3 offers you many role-playing characters. Each character has long-term combat and fighting skills. A map of vocabulary areas is also played on the screen so that players can view the task positions more quickly.

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