Samurai Warriors: KATANA

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Action , Adventure , Fighting
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Koei
Released 15th Jan 2008 (USA)
22nd Feb 2008 (UK/EU)
20th Sep 2007 (JPN)

Samurai Warriors: KATANA is an action genre game set in feudal Japan. Join the game, and you will control the characters from the first perspective. Characters are equipped with two main types of weapons, melee weapons, and long-range weapons. During the battle, depending on the situation that the player can switch between melee and ranged weapons. The main modes provided in the game are Musou, trial, vs., records. With Musou mode, you will participate in performing the tasks available in turn. If this task is completed, the next quest will be unlocked. Before the start of the match, you are allowed to enter the store to buy new equipment such as power-ups, weapons, or forge weapons yourself. Long-range weapons are often chosen as bows or guns, and melee weapons are katana or spear. Players will treat the Wii remote like a sword and combat motion. Before the game officially starts, you will be instructed to use the skill meticulously and have an enemy standing in front of you to practice. Different matches will be held at various locations. On the body of each enemy has a weakest point is highlighted in red. When hit, the enemy will be quickly defeated. Besides, the player is also equipped with some slashing combos that help bring down a large number of enemies at once.

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