SEGA Bass Fishing

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Other
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher SEGA
Released 26th Feb 2008 (USA)
28th Mar 2008 (UK/EU)
28th Feb 2008 (JPN)

SEGA Bass Fishing is an arcade video fishing game. The game offers four main game modes: arcade mode, tournament mode, nature trip mode practice mode. Each mode has its own rules for each sentence. If you are a beginner and have never tried similar games, try practice mode to learn fishing skills, choose bait, identify fish, … Arcade mode will give you Three courses are a first course, second course, and third course. Each course will have four different fishing locations. For example, the first course will provide you with ideal locations for dam, brook, park, and castle. Each location will give you a different feeling. The main task of the player when participating in the game is to fish lots of fish. There are four stages in the day given, and the player will have to meet some fishing weight requirements or time to move on to the new phase. In the final stage of the day, you just need to catch a fish to be able to overcome. However, this is a large and difficult fish to catch. Fish in the game are divided into four categories according to weight class is small, medium, large, and very large. Corresponding to them are the types of fishing floats are top, shallow, middle, deep. The game also allows you to change the color of the float. Before releasing the bait, you can move the drop position as you like. With each fish caught, you will be given more time.

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