Smarty Pants

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Puzzle
Region US , EU
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released 13th Nov 2007 (USA)
23rd Nov 2007 (UK/EU)

The game belongs to the category of intellectual quizzes. The game offers two main game modes, single-player and multiplayer. Initially, you can select an existing Miis character, and the characteristics of this character will be customized to your liking. Another note is that you can adjust the questions to suit your age. Smarty Pants consists of many different rounds. Each round will have its length of time. The game will start with the characters sitting around in a spin. Which player’s turn will they spin. Eight given question topics are art, books, entertainment, games, fashion, places & people, science and sports. To achieve the desired topic, the player can use tricks – Wii remote to collide with the rotation, so it quickly stops. To gain the right to answer, players will need to “buzz in” the fastest. Some answers will not appear soon. When you answer the quiz correctly, you will get bonus points. If there is a reward, there will be a penalty. Therefore, when you answer incorrectly, you will be penalized by subtracting the points you have. Some rounds will have additional bonus rounds. In these bonus rounds, each player will answer each question in turn. When answered incorrectly, you will be kicked out of this level. If everyone does not answer correctly, the prize round will continue.

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