Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher SEGA
Genre Action , Adventure , Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 5,479
Downloads 4,538
Released 18th Nov 2008 (USA)
28th Nov 2008 (UK/EU)
18th Dec 2008 (JPN)
4/5 (13 votes)
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Sonic Unleashed belongs to the platform action genre. It has a plot revolving around Sonic characters. After the evil Doctor Eggman destroys the world with a laser and unleashes the evil Dack Gaia, Sonic is trying to restore the world, while fighting the Eggman Doctor in the form of Wereoose. There are two main game sections with two different styles to be offered in the game: day and night. The battles during the day are represented as side scrolls and 2D draws. Here, you will control Sonic from a third perspective and take part in traditional challenges. When night falls, Sonic transforms into a Wereoose and fights Gaia. This transformation is due to the dark power contact between Sonic and Gaia. The play speed of matches played in the morning will be faster than the night. The game offers many stages with different levels. In particular, each stage will take place on a specific continent, and each level will be simulated based on real locations. In battles, many new features such as quick steps available, drift, … will significantly assist in moving and fighting. In addition to fighting, players continue to collect scattered rings at many levels.

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