Spore Hero

Spore Hero
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Adventure , Simulator
Region EU , US
Views 78
Downloads 13
Released 6th Oct 2009 (USA)
8th Oct 2009 (UK/EU)
5/5 (1 vote)
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Spore Hero is a game that simulates the lives of special creatures. In addition, the game revolves around the creation and evolution of these creatures. Initially, the game gives you two types of meteors: blue and red. The green one gives you the DNA of a good, kind creature, and the red one contains crazy and evil DNA. Hatching from a green egg is a creature called Sporeling. It is green and begins life from the shape of a newborn organism. Afraid of Sporeling hungry, Meejee the Stripe Bird gives it a fruit that can be eaten. However, this creature has no mouth. Littly discovered that there are many creatures like this scattered on the planet, and they can evolve into new forms on their own. Born from a red egg is a cruel creature called Zarkhator. It frantically uses red rocks to destroy the creatures on the planet. In the game, players will need to control Sporeling, destroy all red meteorites to prevent Zarkhator from harming the planet. The game will provide five parts of the world. In it, the final battle will take place at Creature beach. Here, Zarkhator will evolve one last time. However, due to the battle, it only evolved into a weaker form than the present and did not pose any other danger.

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