We Sing 80s

We Sing 80s
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nordic Games
Genre Other
Region EU
Views 76
Downloads 4
Released 5th Oct 2012 (UK/EU)
5/5 (1 vote)
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Music is an integral part of life; the demand for entertainment with music is increasing so We Sing 80s was released. As a gift of music, We Sing 80s promises to bring players to great entertainment moments after tiring working hours. Integrated anti-cheat technology, the game exploits most of the budgets, high or low level of the player. The player’s music store will include 30 songs that have been unlocked from the beginning and can open additional songs if specific tasks are completed. Depending on the pitch of the notes, the image of long, short notes will appear suggesting you sing the correct angle. The score will be calculated based on the accuracy of the height and the rhythm of the player when performing the song. There are two different modes in this release: solo mode and community mode. In solo mode, players will show a post of points that will be counted plus to help the character climb the rank of the rankings. Community mode allows you to invite your friends to compete against each other according to the principle of round competition.

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