Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other , Sport
Region WW
Views 10,395
Downloads 3,370
Released 26th Jul 2009 (USA)
24th Jul 2009 (UK/EU)
2.8/5 (29 votes)
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After the revenue received from the previous version, Nintendo continued to release a second version of the game called Wii Sports Resort. The game is set on an island named Wuhu Island and offers a total of 12 different sports. The new version is upgraded on many factors such as accuracy and compatibility when controlling or game graphics. However, a large number of Miis characters have been removed. All games require players to use Wii MotionPlus. Twelve games including swordplay, skateboarding, frisbee, archery, basketball, table tennis, golf, bowling, power-ups, canoeing, cycling, extreme aerial sports. All games have their events. In particular, swordsmanship has three events are duels, disputes, speed. Frisbee has two more events: frisbee dog and Frisbee golf. 3-point contest and 3-on-3 pickup game are basketball events. Tennis games have two events: a match and return challenge. Besides, bowling also has three modes: 10-pin game / standard game, 100-pin game, spin control. Increasing power will have two modes: slalom course and battle. The bike ride part also has a battle and racing part. After all, the list of games is not risky with three events: skydiving, island flyover and dogfight.

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