Worms: A Space Oddity

Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region US , EU
Publisher THQ
Released 17th Mar 2008 (USA)
28th Mar 2008 (UK/EU)

The game belongs to the artillery strategy genre, published by THQ with the Wii platform. In the game, you use the Wii Remote and perform the gestures required to attack the enemy. Worms: A Space Oddity also offers players six specific themes: Cavernia, Tenticlia, Frostal, Kaputzol, Mechanopolis, Earth. This new version has been improved over the previous version of the shooting system. In matches, instead of aiming at the opponent, a line describing your flight path will appear, and you only need to adjust this flight line to the position you want. The game continues to follow turn-based fighting. Before starting the matches, you can customize the properties of the game. As the name implies, the weapons in this version are alien creatures. In each match, players will have their own weapons. These weapons can be classic guns or also creatures like a blaster, Robo sheep, defence shield, ufo, … Each creature will have different powers. For example, Robo sheep can self-direct enemies and attack them, and the defence shield can create new paths, … The different battle venues are separate. When hit by an enemy, players will earn points.

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