50 Cent – Bulletproof

Genre Action
Region EU
Publisher Vivendi Universal Games
ReleasedNA: November 17, 2005
EU: November 25, 2005

“50 Cent – Bulletproof” is an action genre game and is part of the “50 Cent” series developed by Genuine Games, which was first launched on November 17, 2005. The setting of the game is in New York Street, where a rapper named 50 Cent for saving his friend has shot nine shots and abandoned to death by mysterious strangers, but fortunately, he survived. Now he must seek revenge for those who try to kill him. The GTA series inspire this game; participating in the game, you will play the role of the character 50 Cent from the third perspective and fight against the strangers. You can use many different types of guns from two pistols to submachine guns. For enemies at a distance, I recommend using guns, and those near you can immediately finish them with knives and different attacks, this time, the image will be slowed down for allows you to look in more detail. The killed enemies will drop weapons and ammunition, which you can pick and use for long-term battles.

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