Dynasty Warriors 6

Dynasty Warriors 6
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Koei
Genre Action
Region US
Views 707
Downloads 314
Released JP: October 2, 2008
NA: November 24, 2008
4.2/5 (4 votes)
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The Three Kingdoms War is a true event in Chinese history, this is a big story long last for many years in history. Based on this theme a series of games called Dynasty Warriors was born and this is the sixth and also the most changed part of the previous instalments. This is a game of hack and slash genre helps players feel the bloody, epic of the ancient war when let you immerse yourself into the hero alone sweeping countless enemy. It is flawed if not to mention the Renbu system introduced by Omega Force (the developer). Now when you damage the Renbu gauge will gradually be filled in the end to level up to help the character increase the damage. In addition, this version also has a Tome item that allows the use of special attacks with five types: Swift Attack, Volley, Fire, True Speed, and Rockfall. The unique moves can turn the table of matches in just a tiny moment. Improvements with AI are also something worth mentioning when they can now swim across the river to attack you or the base. With a total of 41 characters can be used, less than seven characters compared to the previous section but this number is still very large.

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